# apostrophe-any-page-manager

# Inherits from: apostrophe-doc-type-manager

This module provides a special doc type manager for the apostrophe-page type, which actually refers to any page in the tree, regardless of type. This allows you to create apostrophe-schemas that can link to any page in the page tree, rather than one specific page type.

# Methods

# find(req, criteria, projection)

Return a cursor for finding pages of any type (but only pages, never pieces). apostrophe-pages-cursor takes care of ensuring that pieces don't creep in.

# getAutocompleteProjection(query)

# getAutocompleteTitle(doc, query)

Returns a string to represent the given doc in an autocomplete menu. doc will contain only the fields returned by getAutocompleteProjection. query.field will contain the schema field definition for the join the user is attempting to match titles from. The default behavior is to return the title property, but since this is a page we are including the slug as well.