# apostrophe-groups

# Inherits from: apostrophe-pieces

# apos.groups

Provide a way to group apostrophe-users together and assign permissions to them. This module is always active "under the hood," even if you take advantage of the groups option of apostrophe-users to skip a separate admin bar button for managing groups. To make an admin bar button available for managing groups, do NOT set the groups option when configuring the apostrophe-users module. That option configures a hardcoded list of groups as a simplified alternative.

By default the published schema field is removed. As a general rule we believe that conflating users and groups, who can log into the website, with public directories of people most often leads to confusion. Use a separate subclass of pieces to represent departments, etc.

If you do add the published field back you will need to extend the cursor to make published(true) the default again.

This module is not intended to be extended with new subclass modules, although you may implicitly subclass it at project level to change its behavior.

# Methods

# modulesReady()

# setPermissionsChoices()

# removeTotpFromSchemaIfUnsuitable()

# addToAdminBar()

# addToAdminBarIfSuitable()

Adds an admin bar button if and only if the apostrophe-users module is not using its groups option for simplified group administration.

# enableAddGroupTask()