# url

url adds an editable URL field to the schema.


Apostrophe will detect common mistakes, like leaving off http://, and add them. Common XSS attack vectors are laundered and discarded. Only "safe" URL schemes, e.g. http, https, ftp and mailto, are permitted.

# Example

  name: 'portfolio',
  label: 'Portfolio URL',
  type: 'url'

# Settings

Property Type Default Description
name string Sets the name of the field in the database
label string Sets the label of the field that the user sees
required boolean false If true, the field is mandatory
contextual boolean false If true, it will prevent the field from appearing in a dialog box
type string Specifies the field type
readOnly boolean false If true, prevents the user from editing the field
help string Help text for the field that will appear with the field's label
htmlHelp string Help text with support for HTML markup